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The last few weeks have been... interesting.

I'm enrolled in summer school (in order to pick up some poor grades, and also to fulfill some GEs), and it's a lot more work than I'd initially figured. The quarters are shorter and more compacted, meaning more material at a faster pace, and, half the time, I'm not even sure where I'm supposed to be, much less what I'm supposed to be learning.

I'm hoping to have a brief reprieve this weekend, and will try and finish the squirrel arts then.

For the curious, random has already been paid and is currently in Europe, spending all of her delicious Euros. Thank you to everyone who donated -- even those who haven't paid yet; she's been given her due.

And, on a different note...

I have found a hilarious way to wind down from studying. )
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My roomie, the awesome and spiff-tacular [ profile] random_redshirt, is going to Europe this summer as part of a school trip. As you can probably guess, what with the Euro continually kicking the Dollar in the face, this is going to cost a bit of money.

Me an' random put our brainmeats together, trying to come up with a way to earn some delicious, delicious cash that wouldn't end with us A) in jail, or B) breaking the space-time continuum, and we eventually came to the realization that kiffies can kinda-sorta draw and that this should clearly be capitalized upon.

So-- I offer doodles in exchange for the house to myself for a month help sending my most awesome roomie across the sea.

Clicky here for prices and fine print. )

Any takers?
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Or, Why Kiffies Are Tired Today.

Yesterday, [ profile] random_redshirt, Mr. Kitty, and this here Kiff went on a hike up Bishop's Peak. It was a nice day, neither hot nor cold, and a grand time was had by all. Well, mostly. Kiffies found out she is more out of shape than previously thought, and made it less than half-way up the mountain before realizing this. Heh. Whoops?

I did make it to the top, but not without quite a lot of whining, bitching, and nearly passing out. I think the other two found this equally amusing and horrifying -- if I died there, they'd have to cart my corpse down the mountain. What an inconvenience!

random has graciously allowed me to post the awesome pictures she took while we were making our ascent. :D

Looking out over the valley, below. Note the ominous fog.

More here! )


Jan. 13th, 2010 03:48 pm
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Hey, random!

Are we gonna go see Macbeth? :D ?

Say, isn't it bad luck to say "Macbeth"?





Damn. I was hoping he'd come through a mirror or something, like Bloody Mary. *tosses down net in annoyance*
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Might go see Sherlock Holmes tomorrow. If I can get my dad to let go of the offense of Robert Downey, Jr. playing Holmes, anyway.

It's not like I have anywhere to be on Christmas.


In the interim, though... ed and elibeens and random will all probably like this:


Oct. 18th, 2009 10:25 am
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I want to see Les Miserables again.

Except, not just in general. I want to see the PCPA cast.

I wonder if Klingon Valjean will ever get video up of his performance?

This is your fault, random. B|


Sep. 23rd, 2009 01:28 am
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I finally have an icon of a teeny, angry Frenchman.

This makes me so happy. :3

*noms [ profile] random_redshirt*
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Some things:

-Reduced Shakespeare Co. at the Spanos on March 17th of next year.

-Whose Line, Live, at the Cohan on April 3rd.

-Now have: 6 full plate-and-bowl sets in slate gray, 6 tea cups with saucers in the same gray, six glass tumblers, a cutting board, a large saucepan/frying pan, and silverware for four.

Anything else I need to get? :3
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1. If the power goes out, the hot water goes out, too.

2. Showers require hot water, lest your freeze your ass off.

3. While candles are a good light source, they don't like being carried around outside.

4. When blowing out a candle, make sure there isn't a puddle of melted wax at the very top.

So, um, [ profile] random_redshirt? The wax all over the microwave? Ah, kinda my fault. ( ._.)


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