Feb. 10th, 2008 09:27 pm
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Daniel's gone.

My mom had put him in a sock to keep him warm, and had stuck a kitten bottle full of hot water nearby. He went happy and loved and warm.

Here's to ya', Danny. The best damn Mouse Owl ever.

Keep on fighting tiny crime, little guy. Just don't fall off the clouds.


Feb. 9th, 2008 10:18 am
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Daniel's sick.

Rather, Daniel is probably at the end of his road and there's nothing we can do.

Two years old is really old for a mouse. Especially a feeder mouse. But I wish I'd have more time with him, all the same.

All my critters go when I'm not there to say goodbye.

My mom is watching him, petting him, giving him oatmeal and just generally keeping him company. For as much of a macho toughguy that Daniel is, he has a secret love of being worried over. I think it makes him feel loved.

He is very loved.


Dec. 18th, 2007 07:52 am
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Best way to get on a mouse's good side?


Lots of it.

Daniel is a very pleased goddamn mouse owl at the moment. :3


Sep. 4th, 2007 06:41 pm
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To all those people who insist that you can "dominate" an animal and force them to see you as superior:

As I was cleaning Daniel's cage, he attacked my glove. This is very, very annoying, because he'll try to pull the entire glove off and run away with it. He kept this up, even after me chasing him off several times.

Okay. Enough was enough.

I caught him against the wall of the tank with the gloved hand. There was no smooshing, just pinning between my fingers. He squirmed for a minute, then, as if he wasn't in a position to, assumingly, get eaten by something bigger than he, looked right at me and made the goofiest fucking mouse smile ever.

What. The. Hell.

When I let him go, he brushed himself off, then went to run on his wheel.

I cannot believe I got owned by a mouse.
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I was cleaning out Daniel's cage this morning and, wouldn't you know it, I got cocky.

Instead of wearing the thick, leather gardening glove that I usually use to clean, I went bare-handed to scrub out the bottom of the cage. Daniel skittered around, just out of range, so I figured I was safe. Ha.

He ain't called the "Goddamn Mouse-Owl" for nothing.

He lunged, bit, and I skeeked like a little girl. I also jerked my hand up with Daniel still firmly attached. He got smacked on the inside of the tank lid, which made him release and leave me to my bleeding finger.

I suppose I got the better end of the deal -- a tear on my index finger, about the size of a small papercut, or that of a white mouse's front teeth. He got a bruised nose and the experience of smacking into a window at a billion miles an hour. (And this was signifigantly less spectacular than the first time he bit me and he went flying six feet into the air...)

After making sure he was okay, and after putting tons of neosporin on my cut (germaphobe, doncha know), I felt bad enough to bribe him with food. He got a handfull of dry oatmeal, which he promptly ate.
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A short list.

1) Go to McCormick's to check on Sucker, and possibly look into buying Daniel some additional tubes for his tank. I can see where this might be a bad idea, letting an unusually smart mouse loose in several feet of brightly coloured tunnels, but what's the worst that can happen?

And if anyone says "he'll build an owlship", there will be ass-kicking. B|

2) Go to the library to pick up some books I ordered. I requested some books on British naval uniforms, so hopefully they didn't screw it up. I kinda want to read something historical, and as much as I like my dad's little library here at home, "The Quest For El Cid" just doesn't do it for me.

3) Go to Target, look for something for my aunt's birfday, and hopefully get a new pillow while I'm there. The pillow I've been using to prop myself up while I drive Voodoo* has kind've... disintegrated. Well, 'exploded' would be a better term, but I refuse to admit that the inside of my car is covered in pillow guts.

4) Sleep. A lot. Ohgod.

*One of the drawbacks to driving an older car -- not everything works. Case in point, Voodoo's adjustable seat mechanism. There is no way to push the driver's seat foreward. So I must instead push ME foreward with a pillow. :3
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I bought the kitties their Christmas present today, and let them have it early -- a bag of Royal Canin cat food. Mousie got addicted to the stuff when Squeeky was a kitten, but couldn't really eat it because it was, after all, kitten-sized foodbits. So I got a bag of regular-sized kibble. I think Mousie inhaled the plate I gave her.

I'm now torn between getting the newsboy hat (I finally decided that I could wear the newsboy hat daily, whereas a fedora would only be practical in the rain), or saving up my moneys for a beginner violin. Yes, let's all gape at the kiffies for a moment. Kiffies, who still haven't quite gotten Khan down to a science, wants to take up another instrument. Let's all stare at the dumb. Though, to be fair, I did play violin for two years in elementary, and I did enjoy it, though I had a habit of over-rosining the bow and forming a nice cloud of powder around me as I played. :3

I cleaned out Daniel's tank using my leet ninja skills. Actually, a leather workglove that he couldn't bite though, and that I held him against the tank with while I scrubbed his wheel off. He cried. Loudly. I wasn't hurting him, he was just pissed that he couldn't move. Damned mouse's cries are almost more pathetic than a kitten's. I eventually let him go and worked around him.

I'm going to go see Hissy tomorrow afternoon. I got her gift, though I didn't wrap it. It does have a bow. 'Selected Works of Edgar Alan Poe'. We'll see how she likes it. And I think we're going to be watching part of the Voyager marathon together. But I'm not staying for all of it that day. I did the all-day TNG thing at school and wound up catatonic on the common room couch.

Bob ate today and did an awesome food dance that involved many feet. Some spiders really get their bums into it. Bob likes tapping all of his toes, in sequence, against the same bit of dirt. It's hilarious. I would have stayed and watched, but I had to eat dinner, myself.

I realized today, as I loaded up IE and, as usual, was greeted with Alba's LJ icon (it's the first thing I see on the page), that I mentally had said, "Oh, look! A Q!" At which point, my mind went blank -- "Which Q? There are many, sir!" And then there was a scary and wrong mental image involving the Question being a part of the Q Continuum and THEY ALL WORE SANTA HATS. Now there's something that would give both Maxwell Lord AND Jean-Luc Picard aneurysms at the same time. :D


Nov. 23rd, 2006 09:52 am
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It is cold here.

Not freezing cold, but just chilly.

I changed Sucker's water last night, changed the filter, and cleaned out most of the carpet o' shit that plecos lay down all over their tanks. I guess if there were other fish in there with him, it would be less severe, but I still don't see why people keep plecos at all. He is nature's little shit factory.

I still need to feed Timmy. I am lazy. I don't want to get up to make his meal, but I have to. Enk. He probably won't even eat it.

And I'm going to need to trick Daniel out of his cage soon. Have no idea how I'm going to do that. But it has to be done. His whole cage needs to be wiped out and rised off. And that wheel... ugh. He's actually not a very dirty animal, but that wheel just attracts poop. He stinks a lot more than the others, but as far as physical waste, there's very little.

And I got to feed F'oggie. I missed my little boy. He swam up to me as soon as I walked into the room and went right into singing. Poor, confused thing. He thinks I'm a frog, too. :3


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