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Voodoo went into the shop around three, and I went off to go rent a car for the day while the mechies did their thing. While I was at the rental place, a very sad looking lady walked up to me, and asked if I was headed to Big Sur.

"No," said a kiffs, "I'm headed South." And the lady looked even sadder. She was trying to get to Treebones, a resort in the forest, to stay the weekend. I told her that if she made her way to Highway 1, she'd have better luck in finding someone to take her North. Or, better, she could head to the train station and see if any buses were headed out that way.

She thanked me and got a ride with one of the other folks to the train station.

As I drove home, I felt bad for her. She'd gotten so close-- SLO is about 60 miles from Big Sur --but couldn't manage the rest of the trip. So I ran inside, double-checked the directions, and hopped back into the rental.

I found her at the train station. I offered her a ride. She shook her head, sadly. She'd just cancelled her reservation, and was heading back on the last outbound train. It just wasn't meant to be.

She said she'd try again another time. I hope she makes it. She seemed so excited about getting to Treebones, and I felt terrible that her weekend had been ruined.
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