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Warning for... disturbing shit.

A few months ago, my mom received a call from a local construction company that ran similar to, "I'm from so-and-so Construction, and we'd like to know when we can come out to look at your house!"

My mom politely told the guy that she isn't the owner of the house, that our family rents, and that she wasn't interested in the unsolicited call. He hung up.

Since it just seemed to be a case of mistaken identity, she didn't bother to commit the company name to memory.

A few days later, she received another call from the same guy, who, after asking for her, proceeded to call her a bitch and several other colorful names before hanging up again.

She hadn't heard anything from him again until today, when he called again, asked for her by name, then said, "A woman's place is dead in the desert."

Since he's calling from a number that her phone can't recognize, she can't report him or even figure out what the hell is going on. When she gets her phone bill, she's going to see if she can trace the number and find out. But that might be weeks.

( ._.)


Mom says she's going to think about filing a police report over the weekend, so we'll see what comes of that. Thanks, everyone, for the concern. I'll update my journal as I find out things.


Sep. 14th, 2012 11:19 am
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Why am I watching "Ghost" again?

This is why I shouldn't own movies.
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I run both of my phones off the same jack and then call myself.

Probably only hilarious to me.
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A few days ago, when [ profile] random_redshirt, Mr. Kitty, and I were all downtown together, I stepped into Turn to Nature, a gift shop that sells nature-themed toys, oddities, and tourist crap. By that point, random and Mr. Kitty had wandered off elsewhere, so I figured I'd look around and keep myself busy until they came back.

After browsing for a time, I found the store's collection of puppets. I picked up a goat, cuddled it, and then made it talk to me. After a minute or so, I lost interest in talking to a puppet. I hitched it up over my arm and let it watch the other customers, while I bent down to look through the rest of the puppets.

It wasn't long before I got the familiar "you're being watched" feeling. I turned around. A woman was standing behind me. She was staring at the goat. The goat was staring at her. I'd completely forgotten that the goat was people-watching. I'd just been letting it follow the sounds of people's footsteps. I think it took her a moment to register that I was the one holding, and thus controlling, the goat, because she laughed nervously, "I love puppets."

I nodded, "So do I."

"Baaaa," said the goat.

The lady left, and I placed the goat back on his stand.

I hope he's still there when I get back downtown. I kinda like the little guy.
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I toss around the idea of making a fannish point-and-click adventure game.

And then I draw some stuff for it.

And promptly lose interest.

Oh well. )

*rolls back off to do actual work*
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It should not take me half an hour to load a ribbon.

It's been half a day, and I still look like I lost a fight with an ink bottle.

No love,

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Last night, I was showering.

I look up. There's a daddy longlegs chilling on his web, just above my head. I figure, eh, I won't move him. He's high enough up that he shouldn't get wet, and I wasn't planning on taking a long enough shower for the steam to hurt him. I soap up my brush, then look back up... just in time to see a freaking tarantula sling skitter across the ceiling after the daddy longlegs.

I was out of that shower so quick, you have no idea.

The tarantula is, maybe, the size of a quarter. It looks like it wants some delicious daddy longlegs for dinner. Except daddy longlegs webs aren't nearly sturdy enough to hold a T, even a baby. So it flails all over, trying to get a grip and pull the other arachnid in. By now, I'm getting cold, and annoyed. The little jackass ruined my shower. I hop back in, but stay as far away from him as I can, and keep watch.

The tarantula evidently accepted defeat, because it climbed down off the ceiling, and tried to come into the stall with me... only to realize, too late, that the shower walls are not climbable. I feel there should have been a very tiny "Oh shi--!" as it tumbled into the small crack between the shower and bathroom wall.

I didn't see it again, so I can only assume it found its way back outside where it belongs.

And never tries to get in my house again.


...And, for the record, the idiot daddy longlegs needed to be rescued five minutes later. Because they are dumb, and it tried to rappell into my hair.
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( ._.)

Mar. 5th, 2012 02:44 pm
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Via [ profile] vespurrs.

I'd seen this place on the news so often... it always looked like such a wonderful place for cats.

PETA is a terrible organization. They've raided my school before, and now they've raided Caboodle Ranch... I sure hope they don't get to the Cat House on the Kings. :/
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Yesterday, my mom called me and said, "Squeeky had to go to the doctor today."

"Why," asked the kiffies, "did he fall off the roof, again?"

"No, he couldn't walk."

Squeeky, in his infinite ability to get into every imaginable bad situation, had gotten into a fight. His leg was... well, let's just say that he was doing a great impression of a pirate. Nothing broken or missing, but certainly out of working order.

The rest of the TMI story here. )

Two Things

Feb. 11th, 2012 02:20 pm
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First, the silly thing.

Evidently, IDW will be publishing a Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover? I... what?

I wonder if this will force David Tennant to actually read a Star Trek comic. >:3

Secondly, the schmoopy thing.

I guess I've never said it, and possibly because of all of the idiotic heart-shaped crap that's floating around this weekend due to The Holiday That Shall Not Be Named, but:

I love every single one of you.

Wait, no, not like that, you weirdos.

But, you know. You're all awesome. And I just felt I had to say it. <3
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Some pets have been poisoned by chicken dog treats, manufactured in China, and sold by various common brands.


Feb. 1st, 2012 05:59 pm
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1) School is eating me alive. With only 1 1/2 quarters left in my college career, this is getting ridiculous and stressful.

2) Hermes is doing well, and is at least giving me something to look forward to when I get home.

3) Comics are one of the few things keeping me sane, lately. Just picked up Winter Soldier, and I like it a lot. The news that DC is releasing a Watchmen prequel... not so much.

4) Pretty sure I splattered some form of horrid bacterial soup on my pants, today. That stain will be interesting to explain.
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Originally posted by [ profile] electricdruid at The fiasco continues

ACTA in a Nutshell –

What is ACTA?  ACTA is the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. A new intellectual property enforcement treaty being negotiated by the United States, the European Community, Switzerland, and Japan, with Australia, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Mexico, Jordan, Morocco, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and Canada recently announcing that they will join in as well.

Why should you care about ACTA? Initial reports indicate that the treaty will have a very broad scope and will involve new tools targeting “Internet distribution and information technology.”

What is the goal of ACTA? Reportedly the goal is to create new legal standards of intellectual property enforcement, as well as increased international cooperation, an example of which would be an increase in information sharing between signatory countries’ law enforcement agencies.

Essential ACTA Resources

  • Read more about ACTA here: ACTA Fact Sheet
  • Read the authentic version of the ACTA text as of 15 April 2011, as finalized by participating countries here: ACTA Finalized Text
  • Follow the history of the treaty’s formation here: ACTA history
  • Read letters from U.S. Senator Ron Wyden wherein he challenges the constitutionality of ACTA: Letter 1 | Letter 2 | Read the Administration’s Response to Wyden’s First Letter here: Response
  • Watch a short informative video on ACTA: ACTA Video
  • Watch a lulzy video on ACTA: Lulzy Video

Say NO to ACTA. It is essential to spread awareness and get the word out on ACTA.

Via Tumblr

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"And we keep our Stripper in the closet. You will get to play with the Stripper..."

Embryology class. *facepalm*


Jan. 19th, 2012 09:18 am
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So. Yesterday was... interesting.

Because Monday was a holiday, our school made Tuesday into a Monday schedule. So, when these here kiffies got up on Wednesday, they were working on a Tuesday schedule.

I got up early to go to the wrong class, then panicked because it was wrong, forgot important paperwork that I needed for a meeting, and then forgot about the SOPA blackout and logged on for the briefest of time before it clicked that, yes, it was Wednesday, and I logged back off in disgust. No nets for kiffies!

BTW, (willingly) doing without the tubes? Torture.

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The lady who was supposed to come and see Hermes never materialized. More to the point, she has so far not returned any of my calls, nor the email I sent with pictures of Hermes, not even to just say, "Nope, that's not my bird."

I am generally very accommodating about things like this, but something about this whole situation just rubbed me wrong. So, fuck it all. Fella's mine now.

Given his penchant for random, loud, repetitive outbursts (cocktiels!), this may not be a good thing...

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His name is Hermes. My cousin just kinda... dropped him off.

So. Yeah. The last week has been split between OH GOD SCHOOL and OH GOD BIRD.


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