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The last few weeks have been... interesting.

I'm enrolled in summer school (in order to pick up some poor grades, and also to fulfill some GEs), and it's a lot more work than I'd initially figured. The quarters are shorter and more compacted, meaning more material at a faster pace, and, half the time, I'm not even sure where I'm supposed to be, much less what I'm supposed to be learning.

I'm hoping to have a brief reprieve this weekend, and will try and finish the squirrel arts then.

For the curious, random has already been paid and is currently in Europe, spending all of her delicious Euros. Thank you to everyone who donated -- even those who haven't paid yet; she's been given her due.

And, on a different note...

I have found a hilarious way to wind down from studying. )
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Another Dresden fic, because... Well, because [ profile] ja_bucc and [ profile] cyloran (and also [ profile] eliyes) were writing Dresden fics and I have this habit of chasing bandwagons, what can I say. :3

A fic wherein Murphy gets initiated into another part of Harry's home life. )
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I've had this silly idea for a Dresden story in my head for a long time. I've never formally written down anything, but tonight I actually went and wrote out a teeny little scene. It doesn't really fit in anywhere in the grand scheme of things, but what the hey.

The full story, itself, hardly makes any sense, so.

Warning for rampant silliness. )

Moar Art

May. 2nd, 2010 08:57 pm
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I think art is the only thing keeping me sane these days.

Two Dresden Files fanarts under the cut.

Laaaa...! )
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Kiffies really should have been studying tonight, but instead, they decided to draw.

I'm smart, sometimes.

teeny!fred beyond the cut. )


Apr. 1st, 2010 11:30 pm
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This is how I feel about it.

Pew pew pew! )
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Knowing would only make you cry.

...but I've got no time nor inclination to tell it.

Besides, I've still got a fic that needs finishing and O-Chem that needs learning.

Why the hell I'm drawing, I have no clue.
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I... I don't even know.

I think the Chem homework is getting to me.


Dec. 23rd, 2009 11:18 am
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Something I just realized.

Bob and Winifred would get along hilariously well with Namor and Dorma.

It also explains why my head-voice for young!Hrothbert has the same intonations as my head-voice for Namor...


Dec. 9th, 2009 06:18 pm
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Nick Cage as Balthazar

As someone-who-is-not-me so helpfully pointed out, in The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Nicolas Cage is, essentially, playing Harry Dresden.

I'm not sure this is a good thing.

I'm gonna go see this opening night. Seriously.


Nov. 29th, 2009 06:23 pm
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Terrence Mann + Edgar Allan Poe = BWEE!

"The Telltale Heart" was on NPR tonight, read by Terrence Mann. It was damn awesome.

By the end, I swear the audience (for it was recorded live) was scared dead silent and seemed like they were unsure if they should clap -- Mann got considerably worked up for the last bit. For someone who doesn't seem to physically emote terribly much when performing live, he sure vocally emotes all over. I hope someone filmed that. :3

Can I get an entire book of Poe read by Mann? Please? I would pay moneys.
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It sucks, being part of a small subset of an already small fandom and WANTING NEW MATERIAL




I may just have to go ahead and do that badly-drawn comic strip wherein we meet Awesome!Evil!Hrothbert, Sorceress!Winifred, and the long-suffering wardens sent to hunt them down.

[procrastinate]After I finish eli's arts, anyway...[/procrastinate]
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I want to see a duet where Hrothbert (Dresden Files) and Rothbart (Swan Princess) try to out-evil one another.


:D / D:

Jan. 12th, 2009 07:43 pm
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I decided to hit up the local comic book store today while I was out running errands.

I now have Welcome to the Jungle.

Despite being the type to read comics as soon as I buy them, I have only had time today to get through Chapter 1 between homework and laundry and more homework. This makes kiffies have faces like this: D:

Also, the thing is hardbound. My immediate reaction to hardbound books is to remove the sleeves and discard them, leaving the inner (usually black) backing exposed. However, this is a comic book. I like pictures on the front of my comic books. The urge to toss the sleeve is so... strong... but dude, it has a picture of Harry! Dilemma!


The artist, Ardian Syaf, has either owned a Bug or driven in one several times, because AHAHAHA! Harry had to lean halfway out of the damn thing to pick up some drive thru food! I can't tell you how annoying that is to do in real life.

Even the steering wheel is correct! :3
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Fic rec time again, folks!

Another Dresden Files fic, rather long, but oh-so-very worth it. And, the best part for anyone who dislikes spoilers, it's an AU!

"But Kiffies," you may ask, "why in the world would you rec an AU?"

First, because it's damn creative. Second, because it's well-written. And third, because even if you know absolutely nothing about the series, TV or book, this will still be an entertaining and awesome read. The author does a wonderful job of filling in the blanks.

Without further ado...

The Fable of Joyful Wing, by shiplizard.
Once upon a time, there was a powerful wizard. He might have been a tyrant, or consorted with demons, for he was proud and skilled beyond others, ever reaching-- but for his wife, Joyful Wing, whose heart was as pure as sunlight. ...They might have lived and died happily but that the head of the Council of Sages, a powerful magic user in his own right, was jealous of this wizard...
I went and sat down, Bone Cage's skull in my lap... and I wept the tears that he could not. I shed enough tears that night for both of us, and vowed to myself that some day, before I died, I would find his bride, bring them back together, and break the curse.
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Fic Rec

Oct. 3rd, 2008 08:21 pm
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A Dresden Files fic rec for those who would be interested in that sort of thing.

Turning Tide, by [ profile] cyloran, is a wonderful look into what Winifred might have been like, and why Hrothbert was so in love with her. As usual for recs here, this spoils nothing. Though, it is entirely TV-verse-centric, so a vague knowledge of Bob-the-Ghost's backstory might help.

The story is wonderful for a lot of reasons-- cyloran writes some of the best fic in the Dresden fandom, I think --but mostly because Winifred comes through as strong and proud and just as hilariously-ornery as Bob. It's entirely believable that this is the woman that Bob broke the Law for.
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Some DF arts.

Yes, I am that bored. <(._.)>

Don't click if you're afraid of Bugs. )

Fandom Rant

Aug. 2nd, 2008 01:39 am
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Couldn't sleep, so now I'll rant.

And about something that, likely, none of you want to hear about!

Dresden Files (TV) rant under here. )


Jul. 26th, 2008 09:45 pm
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I think I just realized why Harry Dresden has so much trouble with his car.

Evidence! )

You'll note, peoples, that the Blue Beetle is what looks to be a Super Beetle.

Somehow, when I'm reading the books, I always picture Harry driving something older. An oval window or the like. Mainly because he's really anti-tech, and the Super Beetles are probably the most complex of the Bugs ever produced. Well, with the exception of the Mexican-made Beetles, which had much more modern features in them by the late 1990s. Granted, this could be a monetary choice -- parts for older Bugs can be hard to come by -- but I'm guessing that what he spent on the occasional part, he'd save on fewer repairs in the long run.

...why the hell am I seriously trying to figure out the logical lulz of a fictional wizard?


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