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Yesterday, my mom called me and said, "Squeeky had to go to the doctor today."

"Why," asked the kiffies, "did he fall off the roof, again?"

"No, he couldn't walk."

Squeeky, in his infinite ability to get into every imaginable bad situation, had gotten into a fight. His leg was... well, let's just say that he was doing a great impression of a pirate. Nothing broken or missing, but certainly out of working order.

The rest of the TMI story here. )


Apr. 4th, 2010 07:41 pm
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Squeeky is a true Californian. He slept through the earthquake.

My mom had run out of the bathroom as soon as the shaking started, looking for my dad and the cats, and Squeeky was sound asleep on the couch.



Dec. 25th, 2009 10:55 pm
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Stay-at-home Christmases are the best kind of Christmases. :3

I got a sweater, a pair of leather gloves, a pair of Chucks, and jammies omg jammies I am wearing them now.


And I did manage to talk my dad into seeing Sherlock Holmes.

No spoilers -- it was good. A little like Star Trek, it was a pretty great on its own, though only a fair interpretation of its source material. Downey, Jr. did an okay job as Holmes and Law's Watson frequently stole the show. The story was well-written and clean, and, like any good Holmes adventure, it tied itself up neatly in the end. It had a lot of buddycop, which I was very pleased with, and tons of references to the various literary Holmes cases, which I was squeeing at also pleased with. But it is very much a movie of the times. Don't go expecting Basil Rathbone or Jeremy Brett, of course, but also don't go in assuming it will suck, ether. It does well for what it is. :3

Also, since I seem to have forgotten one in the last photopost...

Squeeky, of the Many Vetbills. )
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Squeeky shall henceforth be known as "Cat of the Many Buttworms."

I had to drive him 45 minutes to get a tapeworm shot. Damn cat. B|


Jan. 13th, 2009 10:23 pm
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My mom called earlier in the evening to ask me a very odd question:

"If we let Squeeky catch a mouse... it won't hurt him, right?"

"What?" Ask some very confused Kiffies.

My mom went on, "Well, he was chasing a mouse..."

Squeeky had evidently chased a mouse from the bedroom into the hallway and up the wall heater. All three cats are now waiting patiently for the mouse to make its escape. Which it may or may not be able to do, because my mom is equally as ornery as I am when it comes to pests, and the heater was promptly turned on as soon as the mouse entered.

So either the mouse escapes and Squeeky and Speckles can argue over who gets the delicious mouse guts, or the thing is dead and cooking into a fine, honey-glazed brown that some other mice/cockroaches will surely enjoy at a later date.

If it escapes and makes it to the kitchen, Mousie will likely claim it as "hers" and keep it as a pet, just like the last one.
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A picture I'd been meaning to post. Taken the week before I left for SLO.

Squeeky crawled up inside Voodoo's cover and went to sleep. He woke up when my mom and me started laughing at him. He ignored us. X3
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Yesterday, Squeeky came home with a huge knot on his forehead. It was swollen and tender, and my mom thought he'd been hit by a car. So she watched him, let him sleep with her. It didn't seem all that bad. No more than a bruise. But this morning, it was filled with pus.

Squeeky spent most of this afternoon at the vet's, getting his head cut open and his skull scrubbed clean. He has stitches from his eye to his ear. He was also prescribed the hated bubblegum medicine.

My dad is going to try to make a cone out of some card he has. This may create some lulz, if nothing else.

Squeeky is, officially, the most accident-prone cat we have ever owned. The worst trouble Mousie has ever got into was sleeping in a bathtub filled with purple dye. Squeeky has racked up nearly $800 in medical expenses in the last year, alone. This does not bode well for the next twenty or so of his lifespan.


May. 25th, 2008 08:04 pm
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Spent most of this morning at the emergency vet.

Somehow, Squeeky got himself hit in the face. If this was by a car or by getting kicked, we don't know. But his jaw was hurting so bad, he couldn't eat. So he got x-rayed and poked and prodded and, eventually, given enough pain medication to dope a horse.

He was so out of it when we brought him home, he actually rubbed up against my hand and purred.

Everything about him checked out (no broken bones) and the pain meds seem to be working enough that he can eat, so hopefully nothing is wrong and everything will return to normal after he's finished off his 'happy meds'.


Mar. 29th, 2008 08:46 pm
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Squeeky: *comes in the door* 83

Kiffie!Dad: *on couch, watching TV*

Squeeky: Dad? 83

Kiffie!Dad: Nng.

Squeeky: Daaaaad~! 83

Kiffie!Dad: What, Cat?

Squeeky: I has a present! 83

Kiffie!Dad: Nng.

Squeeky: ...Mom?

Kiffie!Mom: What, Squeeky?

Squeeky: I has a present! It's for you! *ptuu!* 8D

Present: *is a black widow*

Kiffie!Mom: DDDD:

Kiffie!Dad: ._.

Squeeky: 8D
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Water DOES taste better if you drink it from the faucet. :9
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The Evil Neighbor pulled our landlord aside, again, and insisted that Squeeky has been crapping on her beautiful, clean, neatly manicured lawn.

And to prove it, she brought her a supermarket bag full of dirt... and one piece of kitty poo.

If you can see the error in this, please raise your hand. Ah, yes, thank you.

Alright. We admitted that, yes, it's a possibility that it could be Squeeky. But we told the landlord that he typically does his business inside. Landlord insists it is our cat, as Evil Neighbor has seen him on her front yard, making sweet, sweet kitty cakes. Well, we sez, it could be him, but there are at least fifteen other cats (The Tuxedos) that look exactly like him on this block alone. Some of them even have collars that jingle, just like his. Landlord brings up some (false) claim that Old Neighbor also complained that Squeeky was crapping in their yard.

Now, this I wanted to throttle the woman for.

Old Neighbor moved out last May (2006), I think. Possibly before. Squeeky was born in July.


Dear, stupid Landlord: YOUR MATHS IS FAIL. Do not pass "go", do not collect 200 kitten toys.

Landlord again gave us the ultimatum-- call animal control and get the Tuxedos rounded up, or Evil Neighbor will have our cats taken away --but with a new, sinister implication: Handle this soon, or we will be renamed "evicted".

I fucking hate people.
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Squeeky just brought in a dead bird.

And proudly presented it to my mom as a gift.

After she cleaned it up and told him he was a good boy and a pretty boy and NEVER DO IT AGAIN, we let him out...

Only to have him see some stray feathers on the steps and do the scream-in-terror-and-jump-back thing.

I have really dumb cats. XD
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The owner just came again and cleared some things up.

It was the new neighbors who complained. They said our cats have been going on their lawn. This is absurd, of course, as there are tons of feral cats on our block. The local group is called "The Tuxedos", mainly because they all are. To say that our cats, specifically, are going on their lawn is insane. Only unhealthy or sick cats go out in the open, and we know ours are in fine health.

Once we explained this to them (though, really, if you own a property and don't actually know it well enough to understand the feral problem...), they gave us a sort of ultimatum:

Call the humane society and have the Tuxedos rounded up, or the neighbors will call them and have our cats taken away.

This is a rather shitty situation. I do not want the Tuxedos taken, as most are over a year old and will surely be put down as soon as they're recieved. But I most certainly do not want our own cats taken and put down. The Tuxedos have lived here as long as I can remember, never overpopulated, and not once have I ever seen one dead on the road. They're a rather unobtrusive feral community. Now it seems like we're responsible for their fate. :/


Jul. 10th, 2007 09:19 pm
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The owners came by today.

They came to the door and bitched out my dad about our cats crapping on the lawn.

Let me say -- they do not, nor have they ever, crap on the lawn. Mousie buries hers blocks away. Squeeky uses an outside litterbox. Speckles uses an indoor litterbox.

The "poo" that was on the lawn? That's from a dog.

We do not own a dog.

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I start school tomorrow.

I got my grades over Spring Break and, amazingly, I passed MATH 116. With a C-.

(Yes, Kiffies were scared of failing remedial algebra. Stop laughing.)

This means I can go on to MATH 117 this quarter! Yay! Kiffies did a dance very much like a Bobling who is getting jiggy with his bad self.

I am also back in SLO after a wonderful time in Los Angeles.

I got to drive my aunt and her fiance' around in Voodoo, got to drive all the way down to Irvine in my dad's Taurus, and found out that the kitty belly really is a trap. Squeeky shows no mercy to those who are stupid enough to try to pet a kitten's soft tummy fur. B|

AND I cleaned out Sucker's tank and filter. After I got over the fact that my hand was submerged in several gallons of poo-water, I was kinda okay with it. Sucker, on the other hand, gave me a death glare as I started taking more and more water out. Around the time it was getting low enough for him to feel air on his dorsal fin, he splashed poo-water in my face to tell me to "knock it off". This? I was not cool with.

Ew. Ew. Ew.

I still feel dirty. D:


Nov. 22nd, 2006 08:39 am
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I'm at home.

I just finished my review of "Crash" and sent it in to ES 112, so I'm pretty much done with all of my homework until the weekend.

I love being here with my family and all my critters. Squeeky is so big, but he's still a kitten. He's gonna be a great, big dummy when he's older. :3

I need to buy a new filter for Sucker's tank. Messy pleco. Ugh. I swear, he goes through those things quicker than I can get them. It's downright disgusting.

I missed my Hubie and my Jackie. I need to clean out their cages while I'm here. My mom couldn't figure out how to open the drawers to clean and didn't think to call me, so there's a good deal of OHGODWHY at the bottom of the cages. She did put paper down on top of the grates, though, so there was some cleaning done, but I really need to sit down with her and explain that not cleaning out bird cages equals her taking both the keets to the vet for respiratory infections. And she'll pay for it.

Meh. I must go clean.


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