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A VW Beetle in a MINI Clubman car cover; the wind has filled the cover like a balloon.

So, a Clubman cover fits a VW Bug.

If it's windy, it also provides the perfect disguise to hide amongst MINIs.


Aug. 27th, 2012 05:46 pm
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When I get a job, I'm saving up all my money. If I can't buy back this place, I'm pretty sure I can rebuild it somewhere else.
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Poor quality grainy photo is poor quality and grainy.


I will scan the pencils once they're totally done.


Aug. 16th, 2012 08:26 pm
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Just returned from another trip down to LA. This is hopefully the last one, and now I can focus on other things, like the arts I owe. :D

Tomorrow is art day! Someday, I will figure out how to stream, and I can share the arting with folks. Well, probably only the one or two of you who are bored enough to watch me doodling, anyhow.

Also, while I was home, I got some new photos of Mousie and Bob:

Beyond this cut, a kitty and a giant death spider -- you have been warned. )
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Tai's awesome kitteh!

And why I hate my scanner with a fiery passion. If I ever get this thing to focus on the entire image at once, I think the world may end. *sigh*
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Except I'll stop now, because everyone would defriend me after a day or so.

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Sketch and in-progress pencils.


ETA maybe a week?
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I finally got a larger scan of the finished thing.

Just adding it here for archive purposes. )
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It still needs to be laminated -- it will be in the mail as soon as it is. I'll get started on your big picture asap. :3
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Main tester.

Maybe I'll get back into it, someday.
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But I make do.


So, taichara, any thoughts?
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...emerges from its rainy season hibernation to migrate to the coast.

Morro Rock.
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His name is Hermes. My cousin just kinda... dropped him off.

So. Yeah. The last week has been split between OH GOD SCHOOL and OH GOD BIRD.
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I was talking to [ profile] random_redshirt a little while ago about how I never log into Facebook. We got on the topic that I hadn't changed my profile picture in over four years. I made a crack that at least it wasn't still me dressed like a superhero. She gave me a curious look, and then I sat back and thought... had it ever been? Facebook must have come after that!

I care so little about Facebook that I guess I'd never gotten around to uploading what is both the stupidest and most awesome picture of me, ever. (Awesome because it's so stupid, it comes right back around, see.) So, I might as well put it here.

High school-aged kiff made bad decisions. )


So. My nerd membership is secure, I think.
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I went home this weekend. Which means I had access to my main comics stash.

Several coughing fits (and spider webs) later, I emerged victorious! I found most of my H4H run and a good chunk of my Avengers run, along with some odds-and-ends Captain America books and a few old Invaders books.

But-- and an eliyes may want to pay attention here --I also found that issue of She Hulk I'd mentioned. Y'know, the one with time travel hijinks?

So, for you, ely, I bring scans:

Under here! )

And, just because I could, I also scanned some Jim scenes from Heroes for Hire. These may only appeal to me, but I'll include them here, anyway.

Jim! )

Now I go off to spend the rest of my night doing homework and fretting about the coming week of schooling. You know, just business as usual.
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So, I'm taking an illustration class, because I needed the units and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Some time in the last week, I injured my right arm and wrist. I'm right-handed. This is a problem, as I had an illustration assignment due this week.

Note: "Had" being the key word. I found out this morning that our teacher has pushed the due date back until next Monday. I stayed up all night working on this damn thing. I'm fairly sure I've further injured my arm to the point that it will take at least another week to heal (driving to class this morning was interesting).

I'm displeased.

I'm displeased that we're told of due date changes at the last minute. I'm displeased that the assignments are never elaborated on, and we end up doing tons of half-starts before the teacher decides we've got something she likes. I'm displeased that this class is eating up my free time. I'm displeased that I'm forgoing working on commissions I owe in order to do this crap.

But, most of all, I'm displeased that we end up rushing through assignments and creating work that is sub-par.


Seriously. I would have LOVED a week to get that right. And if she'd let us know about the extension, I would have HAD a week. Damnit.


Aug. 11th, 2011 01:51 pm
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Vrum vrum!



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