Sep. 14th, 2012 11:19 am
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Why am I watching "Ghost" again?

This is why I shouldn't own movies.
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I need to get random to watch this. She still hasn't seen it, and I think it's a great popcorn movie. :3


May. 1st, 2012 02:26 pm
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I know what I want for Christmas.



Apr. 29th, 2012 05:13 pm
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Nearly every review I have seen for The Avengers has, thus far, been positive.

It doesn't premiere here until mid next week.



My Eyes--!

Nov. 19th, 2011 03:45 am
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Today, Kiffies did a very stupid thing.

Kiffies went to the local comic book store. Yes, even though it's not Wednesday. The comic book store in town has other things besides comics, see. Like CDs, and DVDs, and VHS tapes.

That last one got me in trouble. Because, unlike the CDs and DVDs, which tend to be new, the tapes are, by default, old. And cheap. Very cheap. As in, $3 cheap.

Kiffies are now the owner of a copy of Ghost.

That isn't the stupid thing.

The stupid thing is that, after buying said movie, I immediately went home and watched it.

You can't get dehydrated from crying, right?
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"Yates to direct bigscreen 'Doctor Who': 'Potter' helmer, BBC working on pic of sci-fi TV series"

Okay, I may not be a big Who fan, nor do I really pay that much attention to most movies (that don't involve judicious shield-throwing/space ships, natch), but...




please don't bring back snake!Master please don't bring back snake!Master...
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Favorite: The Rocketeer, hands down.

It was probably the movie that most got me into both aircraft and the 1930s/40s, and it's one of the few movies (not just superhero flicks) I can watch again and again. The casting, acting, sets, costumes -- everything was wonderfully done. And that opening scene, with the GeeBee doing laps around the airfield, remains one of my favorite flight scenes, ever, in a film.

Least Favorite: Batman Begins. Wait, wait, don't pummel me!

It's not a bad film. It's not. And that's what frustrated me so much, when I first saw it. It's well-directed and well-acted-- Jim Gordon, especially --but... It's not Batman. It's not the super-sleuth, brains-over-brawn, creepy-but-goddamn-classy Batman I grew up with. Bale's Batman is a bit too thugish, and too reliant on his tech (or his badass butler buddy) to solve his problems. Bale's Batman would never get the nickname "Detective" from comics-verse Ra's; he couldn't earn it. And, on top of all that, to utterly butcher Ra's Al Ghul? No. The movie had a whole crap-ton of potential, but it didn't live up to it. Not for me, anyway.
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Been trying to post this since Friday. It finally worked. Yay!

So. The movie. Saw it. Surprisingly, it did not suck. Even more surprisingly, it was... actually, pretty damn good. :D

Non-spoilery thoughts:

Despite being PG-13, there's a lot of death. A lot of it. It's mostly Star Trek death (shoot-fall-down and vaporization type things), but there is one very nasty death scene that even made me hork a little. I have done necropsies and this made me queasy. If you dislike blood and/or violent deaths, go with someone who's seen the movie before, and they can tell you when to close your eyes.

Unlike a lot of other films, this one was long enough to actually feel like a real movie. There were quiet moments, silly moments, and action-y moments and none stepped on the others' toes. The pacing, too, was mostly good -- it built slowly, but when it was going, it was going.

The acting is good all-around. Typically, in action movies, men are the leads and women are added in just for eye-candy and can't act a whit. (A damn shame, because there are some great actresses out there who I'd love to see in action films.) I LOVED the female lead, and if there was a way to just get an entire movie about her and Cap being buddycop, I'd be fine with that.

The film ties in quite neatly with Thor and Iron Man. If you haven't seen those, watch them first. One of the major plot points of the film relies on the audience being in the know. Not that the movie would be unwatchable if you haven't seen them, but really, it will only help you. If you have seen them, you'll be playing "spot the reference" through the entire film. Everything is so nicely tied together.

And, as with all of the other Marvel films, be on the lookout for Stan Lee and STAY 'TIL THE END. :D

SPOILERS from here on out. And, boy, are they long. )
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I have "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" on DVD.

This is actually a lot crazier than I remember it. It's hokey and doofy and absolutely childish. It is amazing. 8D

And, of course, everyone knows what a sucker I am for love stories. (Especially when the sorcerer gets the girl.)


Dec. 25th, 2009 10:55 pm
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Stay-at-home Christmases are the best kind of Christmases. :3

I got a sweater, a pair of leather gloves, a pair of Chucks, and jammies omg jammies I am wearing them now.


And I did manage to talk my dad into seeing Sherlock Holmes.

No spoilers -- it was good. A little like Star Trek, it was a pretty great on its own, though only a fair interpretation of its source material. Downey, Jr. did an okay job as Holmes and Law's Watson frequently stole the show. The story was well-written and clean, and, like any good Holmes adventure, it tied itself up neatly in the end. It had a lot of buddycop, which I was very pleased with, and tons of references to the various literary Holmes cases, which I was squeeing at also pleased with. But it is very much a movie of the times. Don't go expecting Basil Rathbone or Jeremy Brett, of course, but also don't go in assuming it will suck, ether. It does well for what it is. :3

Also, since I seem to have forgotten one in the last photopost...

Squeeky, of the Many Vetbills. )
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Might go see Sherlock Holmes tomorrow. If I can get my dad to let go of the offense of Robert Downey, Jr. playing Holmes, anyway.

It's not like I have anywhere to be on Christmas.


In the interim, though... ed and elibeens and random will all probably like this:

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Just saw the trailer.

I'm not entirely sold, but...

Jackie Chan, never change. <3


Dec. 9th, 2009 06:18 pm
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Nick Cage as Balthazar

As someone-who-is-not-me so helpfully pointed out, in The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Nicolas Cage is, essentially, playing Harry Dresden.

I'm not sure this is a good thing.

I'm gonna go see this opening night. Seriously.
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This? This was a wondrous movie, full of geeky nods and hilarious jokes and sad moments and HOLY SHIT SPOCK. It was a glorious thing to watch on the big screen. The Enterprise looked beautiful and I wish they had shown more shots of her just cruising through space so I could have spent more time looking. Yes, I was totally in it for the ship porn.

Was it the Trek I grew up with? No.

Did that stop me from smiling like a fucking moron through the entire movie, laughing uproariously, or clapping when I was pleased (which was often)? Not at all.

End result: I loved it. It was fun. It made me feel good in the same way that a well-done What If...? does. It may not have been what I knew, but it hit all the right notes.

Was it a great Trek movie? No, I don't think so. But it was a damn good movie that made the Trekkie in me squee.

If you can, go see it. You may not be happy with everything, but I sincerely doubt you'll be able to walk away not feeling good.


Jan. 4th, 2008 06:19 pm
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Saw Sweeny Todd.

I think I would have liked it a lot more if I'd been in a surround-sound theatre. The Pacific I went to was a bit... lacking in the audio department.

On the one hand, I don't terribly like the stage musical, but still admit that it's good and most certainly takes a hell of a lot of talent. I'm happy they were able to translate it to screen without majorly fucking anything up. On the other, I'm dissapointed that Sweeny was chosen as one of the movies they hope will bring musicals back. Too many people are gonna go see it, scream out "WTF?", then leave, confused and annoyed.

My favorite part, and this contains no spoilers, folks, had to be when Sweeny sees the fops and says, "WHAT is THAT?" The look on Depp's face was PERFECT. No one else in the theatre laughed, but my god, I was rolling.

I think I now may go kill some braincells with the copy of Jekyll and Hyde Hissy lent me. Hooray for musicals. Even bad ones. :3


Re: Jekyll and Hyde -- Ahaha, I forgot how bad an actor Hasselhoff is. Thank god he can sing, or this would be a total lol-fest.


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