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Mr. Wheaton,

I have said that I loved you in the past.

I think that has just increased tenfold with a teeny Enterprise on top.

Oh, sweet kittens, what the fuck. Wheaton's so gonna regret that when Stewart sees it. Or maybe he won't. XD


May. 26th, 2007 07:55 pm
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For those who enjoy Trek fanfilms...


Star Trek: Intrepid's "Heavy Lies The Crown" was released today.

It's not quite as polished as New Voyages, but the writing is solid and the actors seem to be having tons of fun playing their roles. The roles, themselves, are wonderfully thought-out. It's pretty awesome to see a fan-made series take such care to their characters' individual quirks and personalities. S'Ceris, for instance, is a snarky-ass Romulan who hates everyone, and that is the BEST kind of first officer to have on a ship. :3

Star Trek fanfilms seem to have an incredible ability to tackle the learning curve when it comes to technology and getting their films to look professional in a very short amount of time, both on-screen and in-script. With as good as "Heavy Lies The Crown" already is, they'll be spectacular in a few episodes.

So go! Download! :D
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Here's some of the deliciously awesome fanfilms coming up in the next few months.

ST:NV and ST:OGaM have both been delayed, but should be released soon. Intrepid, however, is right on schedule, and was even featured on CNN yesterday! :D

New Voyages.


Heavy Lies the Crown.

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Waaaay back in January, Wil Wheaton posted this in his Geek In Review:

Last night, my wife and I drove past a store that repaired vacuums, sewing machines, and typewriters.

"Typewriters?" I said. "Does anyone still use a typewriter?"

First off, I make a B| face at you, sir.

But, secondly...

Is there seriously another typewriter-repair shop around/near Pasadena?

I mean, I know about Typewriter Guy who owns the typewriter shop next to CoCo's Diner. That's where I got my spifftacular typewriter that I love like the love of a thousand, tiny kittens. (And that's a lot of love). But Typewriter Guy is getting on in years and will probably be closing his shop down soon. So a kiffie is gonna need to find another typewriter shop soon or her uber-awesome Smith-Corona will be sentenced to a life of oblivion when it does decide to break.

And, you know, if there's a chance a kiffie could find a good, solid desk typewriter for under $200, kiffies will be there with bells on.

Furthermore, the local vacuum-repair place shut down two or three years ago, and our vacuum NEEDS to be fixed.

I really need to find out where this place is so I can go visit and make a face like this: :D ?

So, anyone who lives in that area know what shop the mighty Wheaton is talking about?
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From Wil Wheaton's website:

I believe I have what it takes to play Night Owl: I'm certainly past the prime of my once-promising career, I'm smarter than I am tough, I frequently fly around in an owl-shaped craft called Archie, and I was once partnered with Rorschach in my efforts to fight crime.

I love that man. XD
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He fixed Archie's brake.

Without charging.

Even though he had to take apart the entire brake assembly.

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A moment of lol from Exeter:

Starship Exeter!

Andorian d'aww.

"So, your planet is prone to earthquakes, and you live underground." 0_o


"Yes, Sir!" :D


"...uh-huh." ;)

So lost.

"..." ._.

b'Fuselek is blue, antennae'd love. :3

Once Again

Jan. 18th, 2007 05:17 pm
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Wil Wheaton proves he is made of win.

And possibly kittens.

Kittens in tiny NextGen uniforms. :3

Article that SHOULD be read.

Do it. Now.


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