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Feb. 11th, 2011 05:30 pm
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Jeeves is in Fullerton.

I don't have any contact info for an owner yet, but the Samba folks are exceedingly helpful and I have high hopes.

Soon, little Fastback. Soon.
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Last week, our mechie said he saw Jeeves, restored and running, at a Bug meet in SoCal.

I asked around on the Samba forums. Jeeves had been for sale in Carson, CA, not too long ago, and was sold to a guy who intended to resell the car at some point in the near future.

Now it begins -- Operation: Buy Back Jeeves.

Right now, I have $61 in a box in my room. I think I can swing a job this summer.

Let's do this. B|
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Dirty bum.

If you haven't met Voodoo yet, you're probably very new around here. Practically every other post is Voodoo-related. X3

Shiny Bum

And, of course, there was Jeeves. Elibeens named him. He was the best Jeeves. :3

The other cars... not so much. We would just call them by their model: "The Taurus" or "the Rabbit"... My dad's new car is simply "the Civic."

Of course, with the incoming MINI, I might have to figure out something there. Hissy has taken to referring to it as "Archimedes," which I do like, but I did have a bike named Archie and he was kind've a handful. I think passing on a name would be interesting, but also very odd. We shall see.


Feb. 24th, 2010 01:17 pm
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I've been pretty much MIA, I know, and I apologize. A lot has happened, school-wise, to keep me busy. O-Chem has required nearly all of my free time, and I have projects due in my other two classes. Eugh.

Voodoo is still in the shop. I've been checking up on her periodically and things seem to be going well. They'd pulled her fender last week -- they had to cut and re-weld part of her tail because they'd knocked off so much Bondo that there was nothing left to hold anything together. This week, they started Bondo-ing and will have primer down by the end of the week. Paint is next week. She looks good. I'm very pleased with their work. They also tracked down a new tail light bracket to replace the old, smashed one, and will be replacing her "Karmann Chia" logo with a proper one. :3

Car news, continued... )


Jan. 24th, 2010 11:15 am
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A few pictures that I really like, and want to have linked. (I tend to lose stuff when I transfer to CD, so--) Some are mine, others are not.

Pictures. )


Dec. 26th, 2009 11:44 pm
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Someday, I will have a car with an actual trunk.

Went grocery shopping today and discovered that the jump seat's limit for groceries (assuming no stacking of plastic bags) is two 20lb bags of kitty litter and five bags of foodstuffs. I couldn't stack anything because most of the bags had squishy stuff in them. :/

I could have piled stuff on the passenger seat/floor, but I've had this end badly before. Besides, some of my cargo was volatile! Can you imagine: Sudden stop + six glass bottles of soda + floor-mounted fire extinguisher = kiffies needing a bath.

I wish Jeeves would hurry up and get better. I miss having TWO trunks to cart stuff in.

(Plus, if you put a pizza in Jeeves' rear trunk, it stayed warm the whole way home.)
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I called my dad last night and we discussed getting Jeeves back into driving condition. I asked him if he had considered just pulling the axle straight again to get it drivable. He laughed and said it was drivable, as is.

Evidently, Jeeves can still drive in a straight line.

I don't even. What.

Volkswagens -- fail so hard they swing right back around again into win.

Jeeves ;_;

Oct. 28th, 2009 08:53 pm
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This morning, Jeeves got most of his nose taken off by another car.

The front axle is bent beyond repair, driver's side window and wing are shattered, and he's probably now bound for the crusher.

My dad, luckily, escaped the wreck with little more than a small cut and a sore back, but he's sad about losing his commute buddy. He liked Jeeves. Probably more than he'd admit to me or my mom. He always seemed sad when he had to take the Taurus to work, instead.

Dad took some pictures with his cellphone. He's gonna try sending them to me tomorrow.
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Last week, Jeeves had a rather spontaneous electrical fire in his dash -- more accurately, the lower ignition (not the starter) shorted and burst into flame.

In a fashion that is becoming far too typical of my family, my dad ripped the offending (and on fire) wires out of the steering column, thus saving Jeeves from an untimely death. However, without an ignition, Jeeves had to be towed to a repair shop and had undergone some fairly massive exploratory surgery, to ensure that nothing else was damaged.

On the one hand, this is bad. Volkswagens do have electrical issues, especially down South, where all of the rubber rots off of the wiring. But we'd hoped Jeeves had avoided most of the rot issues by being garaged for most of his life. Not so, it seems. This may mean that Jeeves will need a total wiring replacement at some point down the line. Expensive.

On the other hand -- I am most pleased by one bit of information that my mom gave me. Apparently, my dad had two choices in replacing the ignition: A) Pay $200 for a replacement VW lower ignition, or B) pay $100 to replace the entire ignition set with aftermarket, non-VW parts. My dad chose the VW bits. He didn't feel right putting non-Dub parts in the car.

I love my dad.

And, don't worry -- our mechie has installed a relay in the ignition that will blow in the event of a future surge, hopefully saving us the trouble of another fire.


Jun. 19th, 2009 06:56 pm
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I am sure there's a great Xibit joke I could be making here...

Jeeves - Yo Dawg I

...I just can't put my finger on it.

Jeeves - Yo Dawg II

Some shots of Jeeves' new-ish tailpipes. )
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It means jack shit.

Went to go see Hissy on Wednesday. We talked and she measured me for a waistcoat and we worked on her AX costumes.

On the way there, Jeeves decided to give the whole external combustion thing a try (again) by dropping a vent hose on the freeway. The engine promptly overheated and the built-up oil on the underside of one of the carbs began to burn off. Cue me and Hissy standing in front of Jeeves' bum, bucket of water at our feet, drinking tea, waiting for Jeeves to put himself out. He did. Eventually. Once everything was cool, I reconnected the vent hose.

My mom drove Voodoo over, I swapped cars with her, and she took Jeeves home for a formal look-over.

The rest of the day was relatively uneventful, save for the drive home. I hadn't gotten gas since I was in San Luis, and, by then, Voodoo's arrow was nearing the dreaded "R". Actually, by the time I pulled into the gas station, it was on "R".

After all of the crap that had gone down with Jeeves, I just wanted to get gas without incident.


Kiffies: *double-check that the gas tank does, indeed, read "R"*

Gas Tank: 'Sup.

Kiffies: *nod and begin to pump gas*

Voodoo: :9

Gas Tank: *hiccup*

Fuel Pump: *kicks off at 7 gallons*

Kiffies: ...you are kidding me.

Voodoo: *sipping contentedly*

Kiffies: LYING. WHORE.

Voodoo: :3

So it looks like my gas gauge is FUBAR'd. Whoo.


Jan. 2nd, 2009 11:40 am
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Voodoo won't be out of the shop in time to make the trip.

We COULD get the part -- for three times its fair price. Humph. I'd rather wait and get it reasonably than pay that much.

And, because of Jeeves' less-than-stellar brakes, my mom has suggested I rent a car instead of driving the Fasty. I think he'd do fine. She doesn't. But if I can avoid putting 200 miles onto a car I own, why not? I'm going to see about getting a Rabbit or a Jetta. :D

And a manual. God damn, do I hate automatics. B|

I had to see Voodoo on a lift with all of her guts on the floor. IT WAS TRAUMATIZING.
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When I went outside this morning, Jeeves was covered in ice.

Not thin, either.

And when I pulled up the garage door, I knocked a black widow down. It shattered.


People. B|

Nov. 29th, 2008 04:43 pm
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There are two very major ways to piss me off on the road.

1) Honk at me when I try to change lanes, despite my signaling for more than a block, and even though I have given ten feet or more in front of your car.

2) Insult my car as I drive by.

Both happened as I came home today.

You can insult me. You can flip me off and cuss me out and what have you. But you do not tell me to "get that thing off the road."

Two teenage boys were playing tennis in the street. I passed them. One of them yelled at me as I went by. I slammed on my brakes (after checking behind me, of course) and very honestly considered turning around and telling those two little punks off, possibly with Jeeves' bumper. I stopped myself only because my mom was in the car and that would have been immature.

I hope the banshee-like screech of Jeeves' wheels was enough to frighten the fucks.
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Jeeves' tailpipe fix is still holding up. Note the black "phlem" that has collected on the ground from a week's worth of starting up in the same spot. Without the tailpipe, all of that would have been vented directly back into the engine.
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Took Jeeves to the store.

Drainage pipe is still attached firmly.

Tenative success.


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