Mar. 5th, 2008 09:26 am
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Jackie died today.

She got an egg bound up sometime last night, which caused a prolapse. My mom spent a couple hours trying to work the egg out with oil. It helped, but not enough. This morning, she put her in a dish of water. The egg came out, then Jackie went.

She'll be buried next to Hubert.


Dec. 21st, 2007 08:54 am
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Last night, I bought the newb a cage, since he can't stay in the quarantine cage forever, and we obviously can't put him in with Jackie now.

I'm $30 in the hole, but it's good. I got a flat-backed, small cage that we can mount on the wall next to Jackie's cage. They should be able to talk and interact without risking injury to either.

The newb has been going insane in that little cage he's in now. It's far too small to serve as a permanent home. And I keep coming in at night to find him hanging upside down from the ceiling, sleeping.

I may name him "Bruce".
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Gave her more water.

Now I have two owwies. ;_;
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There was some nommin' going on last night. I found seed shells in one of the water dishes in Jackie's cage. :D

I don't know if they were from the actual seed dish, or from the pile I put next to the seed dish (in case said dish was too difficult to eat from). But they were there.

Also, last night, I took a syringe and gave Jackie some water. I'm not sure if she's drinking on her own or not-- at least, I haven't seen her drink --but I want to make sure she's getting some fluids. It went well. This morning, I tried to do the same. My thumb came very, very close to bleeding where she got a-hold of me.

This is great! It means her strength is improving!

But my thumb-- ! D:


Anyway. In addition to nearly taking off one of my fingers, she's perching again. She climbed all the way up to her perches, all by herself. As long as she's leaning against something for balance, she appears to be alright. I don't know if she'll be able to balance and eat at the same time, so her food and water stay on the cage floor for now.
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She's resting right now.

She didn't eat much, if anything, today. That's worrisome. If she doesn't eat something soon, she'll starve. Forcefeeding might be an option, but I have no idea how to do it. Euthanasia might still be the way to go. If she doesn't eat by noon, we're gonna have to go see the vet for that, because she will probably never eat on her own. But if she does, we're gonna go ahead and move her into a modified Rubbermaid bin so she won't hurt herself.

This is horrible. Mentally, she's still all there. It's only her leg and the last joint of her wing. But if she won't eat... :/


Dec. 10th, 2007 08:52 am
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Jackie is much more alert today.

She still can't use that leg, but she was well enough to be climbing all over the cage with her one good foot and her beak.

And to bite the shit out of me.

I think the trip to the vet might change directions.

EDIT: Called damn near every vet in the area. They either don't see birds or don't have bird vets on staff today. Fuck.
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I go back today.

I finished my Sheep report, though I fear I haven't seen the last of it. My group hasn't sent back anything for revision, and that worries me a little. I have a (justifiable) feeling that, come Sunday night, the day before it's officially due, I'll have three emails in my inbox, all telling me that I did something wrong, and that the whole damned thing will have to be scrapped and rewritten.


On the upside, something good did come out of coming home.

We got a male for Jackie. He's currently in a quarantine cage. My mom will try introducing them next week.

He doesn't have a name yet. I'd rather not name him 'til I know he's staying.

I've just been calling him Newb.
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Jackie isn't doing too well.

Talked to Mom today. Jackie's started screaming. If you've owned parakeets, you probably know what this sounds like. It's the sad, long, drawn-out call that comes after the normal "where are you?" calls don't work. She's also talking to herself. Then yelling at herself.

This is bad.

I suppose I have two options:

Try to find another parakeet, about her age, and try to introduce them. I don't know if this would work. She doesn't like other birds. It took so long for her and Hubert to get along, and they may just end up killing eachother, even after the 'proper' introduction period. But if I don't, she'll get more and more violent. Right now, she's taking her anger out on the seed-dish and the cage. She might work it onto herself. And self-mutilation is one neurosis I do not want to deal with.

Try to home her with the Pasadena Humane Society. They have a huge, outdoor aviary with hundreds of parakeets. She'd be forced to be social. However, it would mean giving her up. It would also mean putting her into a very uncomfortable situation. It's been years since she's been in a flock situation. She might not know how to deal with it. It might make things even worse. It might make her forget this, or it might drive her over the edge. She could kill herself.

Damnit. I don't know how to deal with this. Jackie is not a tame parakeet. How do I deal with something that feels no attachment to me? She was never my pet! She was his. Always his.

She was his birthday present.



Oct. 24th, 2007 08:55 pm
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Talked to parental units today.

Everything at home is good. It's smokey as all get out, there's ash all over my dad's Taurus, but nothing a good washing won't fix.

Jackie hasn't adjusted to life without Hubert yet. Without him there to calm her down, she goes into a panic whenever the food and water get changed. I gave my mom some tips on how to deal with that, but I don't think they'll do much. Jackie needed Hubert, and now that he's gone... It's kinda weird. I bought Jackie for Hubert. She was his. But it ended up being the other way around. He was hers. I'd never seen a bird so willing to please, so obidient and obliging. He'd do whatever she wanted without question. (Sometimes this meant doing things that ended in him bouncing off the floorboards...) He was hers, and now she's lost her best friend. I don't know if she'll ever be right again.

I've tried to contact some of the folks who are going to UCI and UCSD. I haven't heard anything back yet. I hope everyone's alright.

And I have two reports due Monday. I should really be doing that. (._.)


Bird Pr0n?

Aug. 29th, 2007 01:14 pm
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A little while ago, my mom's CD player/boombox thingy broke. I had one in my room that only saw limited use, so I decided to give her that one.

This did create an odd problem: Sometimes, when it was too hot for me to be in my room (and yet the birds seemed comfortable -- different tolerances), I'd leave the radio on to keep them occupied. Radio gone, I decided to turn on the TV.

Well, there's not much on at 1pm that isn't screaming, horrible Jerry Springer-type stuff that's a cuss every other word.

Save bad soaps.

So right now, Hubert and Jackie are watching two soap opera folks strip naked in a sauna to save their lives. Yes. That's right. Some villainous knave locked the sexy, sexy male and female leads in a sauna to kill them. Now they must remove their clothes or die.

Hubert, pervert that he is, is probably enjoying this.


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