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As I'm sure most of you know, Frankie had been sick for a long time. The last few weeks, his kidneys totally stopped working. He fought it-- most fish with bad kidneys don't make it a week --and he almost made it an entire year. But this recent bout was too much.

On Sunday, he couldn't right himself, and he had trouble breathing. He still showed some fight (he ran all over hell when I showed him the net), so I gave him some medicine and let him be. I didn't want to put him down if he didn't want to go.

He went sometime Monday night. In the typical "I hate you, human" attitude of all bettafish, his last act was to ram himself inside of his favorite airplane decoration so tightly that I had to upturn the whole thing to get him out.

I buried him outside in the little dirt patch, next to an aloe plant. It's pointy and I think it hates me. I think they'll get along.

kiffie: A male bettafish. (Frankie)
Frankie's sick again.

kiffie: A male bettafish. (Frankie)
Both me and the fish seem to be having it.


kiffie: A male bettafish. (Frankie)
[ profile] random_redshirt left her hat on top of her computer before she went to school.

Frankie, somehow, decided the hat was EVIL and had to be STOPPED.

He'd been flaring at it, non-stop, all evening. When I finally did move the hat to where he couldn't see it, he sank down to the gravel and POUTED.

I don't even.
kiffie: A male bettafish. (Frankie)
Frankie says A-dur?

Why, yes, I do picspam my fish.

Why do you ask?
kiffie: A male bettafish. (Frankie)
Frankie is eating, lively, and currently doing his best impression of a moray eel.

And, all this time, I thought I had a bettafish. )

I don't know how the illness damaged his inside bits, but, for now, he's comfortable and happy.

Thank you, everyone, for the good thoughts and teeny, fishy prayers. I'm sure that's why he's still swimming around right now. :3

:D :D :D

Jan. 23rd, 2011 10:54 am
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Frankie ate a worm!

I'm going to go buy him all the damn worms he can eat.
kiffie: A male bettafish. (Frankie)
Frankie's still hanging on.

He officially finished a 5-day medicine round today that treated for dropsy and a nematode infection. I changed his water, got a few glass squares to replace the old cardboard-and-cellophane tank lid, and then tried to feed him.

He still can't eat.

Fishie TMI this way. )

All I can do now is keep his water clear and warm and hope he has enough fight left in him to catch the infection before it gets to anything vital. But as he's still dealing with near-total kidney failure, I'm not sure this will end well.


Jan. 17th, 2011 07:55 pm
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Things that have been going on, in no particular order:

It's been warm here. Very warm. And in deepest consideration for those who have been dealing with snow and freezing cold these last weeks, let me say...

Nyah! )

School's going well enough. I'm repeating OCHEM, though this time with a teacher whose style I get along with better. Hopefully this quarter goes better for me than the last.

And, finally, Frankie has dropsy (read: kidney failure). I'm medicating him as best I can, but I'm not terribly hopeful. He did peek out from his hidey earlier to get some air on the surface, so at least he's still mobile, but he looks terribly sick. I feel pretty damn helpless.
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I just put Frankie in the 20 gallon.

He spent the first few minutes utterly confused, the next bolting around the tank like a maniac, then decided he hated everything and sat on a leaf to pout.

Right now, he's trying to figure out what a current is.

I'll take some video when he's calmed down.

New Tank!

Nov. 23rd, 2010 06:18 pm
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I got Frankie a new tank!



Wait. )


Sep. 3rd, 2010 11:57 am
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Something happened over the summer that I didn't get a chance to document or share--

Frankie changed color! )

Who knew?

Jul. 16th, 2010 01:03 pm
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Fish like ice.

Rather, Frankie seems very appreciative of his ice-baggie, considering his water temp was nearing 85. He's swimming around it, stopping every so ofter to rub all over the bag like a cat.

He is the best fish. :3
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Part two of the picspam.

I'm mostly just excited because my parents got me a camera that can take good closeups. :3

Here be fishie! )


Feb. 28th, 2010 07:45 pm
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My finished video for Companion Animal Science, starring Frankie.

I was supposed to appear in the video and explain my project, but as I was 1) lazy, and 2) not feeling well, I opted for the text, instead. I will supplement the sparse textboxes with stuff in-class.


Feb. 4th, 2010 11:38 am
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I guess Frankie is comfortable with his new home.

I found this floating in his tank last night:

Bubble nest.

So, he's either happy or horny. I'm not sure which.

Two pics of the little fishie. )
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Better picture of his tank under here. )

Frankie is my test fish for the behavioral modification section of Companion Animal. I'm going to be teaching him to come to the surface for food when I tap on the glass.

I've wanted a fish for a while, and this just gave me an excuse to finally go and get one. Frankie is currently in my room, but once he's settled in and used to his new tank, I may move him to the living room so random can also enjoy his fishy fishiness. :3


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