LOL Archie

Apr. 13th, 2007 07:58 pm
kiffie: Star Trek's Enterprise-D. (Old Been)
Leave it to Archie to ruin an otherwise good day.

See Kiffie's quick-and-easy brake fix behind the cut. )

One More

Mar. 10th, 2007 05:08 pm
kiffie: Star Trek's Enterprise-D. (Old Been)

Took it a few hours ago.
kiffie: Star Trek's Enterprise-D. (Old Been)
He fixed Archie's brake.

Without charging.

Even though he had to take apart the entire brake assembly.

kiffie: Star Trek's Enterprise-D. (Old Been)
So today was the day I took Archie in to get his new light put on.

It is a wondrous light, made of awesome and electricity.

However, once everything was done, I joked to Donald, "Just you wait -- something horrible's gonna happen."

And lo and behold. It did.

The nut on Archie's front brake stripped itself. Totally.

So I called Donald (I couldn't stop laughing, it was so ridiculous) and he said to bring Archie on by tomorrow. He also called the bike a bitch. At this point, I may have to agree with him.

Archie with his new light! ...That hor. )


Feb. 2nd, 2007 10:36 pm
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I seem to be uploading a lot of pics lately.

No matter.

Here. )

Have a publicity shot I found online for Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. Because it's dorky.


Today in ES, we were watching a video about Asian immigration to the US. I swear, in two seperate instances where they showed shots of India and Taiwan, I saw Archie-bikes.

I even inwardly said, "Hi, Archie!"

I love my beenbike. Even if he can't brake for shit. And sometimes bucks me for no reason. It is a strange, beeny love. :3
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So over break, my roomie got a roadbike.

It is blue and small and dainty, and worth about 10 times more than what I paid for Archie. She is very protective of it.

However, as much as I want to say "good on you!" and pat her on the back... I just giggle whenever I look at it. I know it's much faster than my beenbike, will probably outlast it, and can actually keep up with traffic. But when both it and Archie are in our room, sitting side by side, I can't help it. I laugh. Hard.

Maybe pictures will explain. )


Dec. 6th, 2006 10:27 pm
kiffie: Star Trek's Enterprise-D. (Old Been)
Other Bike Guy came by today.

He was carrying the bent wheel. I tried very hard not to laugh inbetween apologies.

I handed him the envelope with the moneys and now all is well.

I think my new battle cry will be "DAMNIT, ARCHIE!"
kiffie: Star Trek's Enterprise-D. (Old Been)
Archie hit another bike.

And totaled it.

He, however, is fine. :3

But now I owe Other Bike Guy $50 for a new wheel.


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