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...and people are using even less logic than normal.

There are fires all over SLO, at the moment, and at least three of them have been caused by vehicles. Two on the exact same stretch of road, for the exact same reason.

People. People, listen. If your car can't make it up a hill, don't try to drive it up a hill.

And when it catches on fire because you tried to make it climb said hill, do not pull over into the dry, flammable brush on the side of the hill.

This is not rocket science.
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Speedometers, anyhow.

The Bug's speedo started making the dreaded death chatter, which means it's time to start looking for a replacement.

Unfortunately, rebuilt speedos are upwards of $200. I don't have that kind of money. Used are cheaper, but you really have no clue what you're getting when you go that route. And even the best used speedo is still a 50 year old bit of machinery.

Our old mechie, down in LA, has a used Ghia speedo listed for ~$70. That's not bad, but see above for why that might not be the best idea. Plus, Ghia speedos are slightly smaller than Bug speedos, so I'd have to make a bracket to get it to fit properly in my dash.

Ghia speedos also don't have an integrated fuel gauge. But I've had the Bug's sending unit disconnected pretty much since I bought it, so that's not really an issue.

I could also just buy a completely aftermarket VDO gauge and be done with it.

But I've never had a good experience with aftermarket anything. So I'm a little leery there.


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So, is the slamming feeling when shifting gears just a Type 1 thing?

I've never experienced it with either of the family Type 3s, but much like Voodoo, the Bug occasionally kicks like a mule when she shifts.

Volkswagens. v(._.)v

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A VW Beetle in a MINI Clubman car cover; the wind has filled the cover like a balloon.

So, a Clubman cover fits a VW Bug.

If it's windy, it also provides the perfect disguise to hide amongst MINIs.

kiffie: VW Bug on the back of a tow truck. (Towed)

A dark blue Volkswagen Beetle in a supermarket parking lot space.

This is the Bug.

She's a 1968, with a dual port (later) engine, and the most ornery transmission I have ever met. She's gotten me stranded multiple times, cost me more than I care to ever mention, and seems to think that puking gasoline on people is hilarious.

I am in love.

She's currently down in LA with my folks, having just had a trans adjust by our Old Mechie. I'll be getting her back up to SLO within the next month.

I can't wait.

Beep beep!

Oct. 12th, 2012 10:32 pm
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I tried to get to sleep, but ended up skimming YouTube. Beep. :3
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Last week, our mechie said he saw Jeeves, restored and running, at a Bug meet in SoCal.

I asked around on the Samba forums. Jeeves had been for sale in Carson, CA, not too long ago, and was sold to a guy who intended to resell the car at some point in the near future.

Now it begins -- Operation: Buy Back Jeeves.

Right now, I have $61 in a box in my room. I think I can swing a job this summer.

Let's do this. B|
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Guess what kiffies got this weekend?

Hint: It's small, round, and looks like a bean.

It's probably a bean. )
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Dirty bum.

If you haven't met Voodoo yet, you're probably very new around here. Practically every other post is Voodoo-related. X3

Shiny Bum

And, of course, there was Jeeves. Elibeens named him. He was the best Jeeves. :3

The other cars... not so much. We would just call them by their model: "The Taurus" or "the Rabbit"... My dad's new car is simply "the Civic."

Of course, with the incoming MINI, I might have to figure out something there. Hissy has taken to referring to it as "Archimedes," which I do like, but I did have a bike named Archie and he was kind've a handful. I think passing on a name would be interesting, but also very odd. We shall see.


May. 7th, 2010 04:57 pm
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The MINI comes in next Saturday!

Which means Voodoo will be going home next week.

I've spent the last month or so getting her ready for the move -- new wipers, new seals on her quarter windows and doors, new right caliper, tuning, overhauls, and patching a hole in her exhaust. There are still things that need to be done, of course, but right now I'm content that she's in working order.

I'm gonna miss the little money pit. Whenever I felt down, I could just hop in and go, knowing I wasn't wasting too much gas or taking up too much space on the road. The MINI isn't going to be like that -- it's a station wagon, after all. It's a hauler, not a sportscar. No more afternoon drives just for the hell of it. Ah well.

My mom will be taking care of Voodoo until I'm out of school in... four years? Five? Then, maybe, I'll get her back and we can go back to normal again.


Apr. 9th, 2010 05:39 pm
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I learned something today.

See, these here kiffies used to have a teeny adrenaline spike whenever they saw a Crown Vic. Not from pleasure, I assure you. It was more like a little voice said, "hoshit cop." But it never really went beyond that.

Today, I learned that I have a similar reaction to Chargers.

If, by similar, I mean x10, plus a lack of ability to think or breathe.

I had pulled into the Burger King parking lot to get some food. There was a CHP Charger sitting in the lot. I was able to pull into a spot and park okay, but as soon as I turned off my engine, I felt like I wanted to die. Mind, I wasn't doing anything wrong. All my tags are current and all my lights work. I just... felt... scared.

Granted, part of that was because it was a CHP car and not SLO PD. The CHP are assholes. I hold no respect for them. I've seen too many instances of dumbassery and abuse, first hand, that they lay on motorists. But that wasn't entirely it. A lot seemed to come from a visceral reaction to the car, itself.

Eugh. I hope this lessens with time, because I think Chargers are really nice cars. I just can't be next to one and still function properly. :/


Feb. 24th, 2010 01:17 pm
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I've been pretty much MIA, I know, and I apologize. A lot has happened, school-wise, to keep me busy. O-Chem has required nearly all of my free time, and I have projects due in my other two classes. Eugh.

Voodoo is still in the shop. I've been checking up on her periodically and things seem to be going well. They'd pulled her fender last week -- they had to cut and re-weld part of her tail because they'd knocked off so much Bondo that there was nothing left to hold anything together. This week, they started Bondo-ing and will have primer down by the end of the week. Paint is next week. She looks good. I'm very pleased with their work. They also tracked down a new tail light bracket to replace the old, smashed one, and will be replacing her "Karmann Chia" logo with a proper one. :3

Car news, continued... )
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I have this thing about front-engined cars -- I get terribly car sick when I ride in one.

It's something to do with the feeling of being pulled rather than pushed. It just doesn't agree with these kiffies. Riding in the back isn't as bad as in the front (further from the pull, maybe?), so I'll frequently ride behind the driver, even if there's only two people in the car. It's weird, but it's all I can do to fight off the nausea.

Mind, this had never happened when I was driving, only when I was riding along as a passenger.

Up until today, that is.


I can't wait to get Voodoo back.


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