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Where I am with cyloran's commissions:

See the progress under here. )

ETA maybe a week or so? I keep getting distracted. ( ._.)


Aug. 28th, 2012 10:52 pm
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For the last few days, I've been trying to draw, and while I have been able to, I've only managed little 30-40 minute chunks at a time. Why?

Because it's so damn humid, I feel like I'm in a sauna.

It's not hot! It maxed out at 80 today, and maaaaybe got to 70 in the house. But it's humid beyond belief. And you don't know annoying until you can't hold a pen for how much your hands are sweating.

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Poor quality grainy photo is poor quality and grainy.


I will scan the pencils once they're totally done.
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Because, some days, "Fuck you, I'm a bird!" is the best response.

Will begin working on cyloran's kitties after a brief trip to LA during the midweek. :3
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...finding one of your dad's old comics on an archive site.

I haven't seen a lot of his comic book stuff, because he didn't get to keep most of his pencils. But, it looks like someone on a He-Man forum went on a scanning spree.

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Since I've (finally) finished tai's drawings, I'm now free again to art things.

If anyone wants some arts done, I'm open for commissions. As per usual, payment by check, only, and turnaround is... ah... pretty damn long. *wince* But, if you don't mind getting things at beenspeed, well, then, fire away. :3

Prices the same as last time. )
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Tai's awesome kitteh!

And why I hate my scanner with a fiery passion. If I ever get this thing to focus on the entire image at once, I think the world may end. *sigh*
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A little while ago, we talked about me reccing some art books for the kidling, so--

Individual Artist Collections:
The Magic Pen of Joseph Clement Coll
  A turn-of-the-century newspaper and book illustrator with a keen eye for capturing emotion and facial detail.
Alex Toth: Black and White
  A collection of Alex Toth's inks, ranging from his work on Zorro and Terry and the Pirates to commissions and TV design sketches. Better for the cartooning end of things. Some raunchy material, but no outright sexual content that I recall.
Bernie Wrightson's Frankenstein
  Shelley's novel accompanied by Wrightson's fantastic inks. Like Clement Coll, a much stronger leaning towards hyper-realism.

Anatomy: A Complete Guide for Artists, by Joseph Sheppard
  Very thorough, including how muscles and ligaments attach and move underneath the skin.
Dynamic Anatomy, by Burne Hogarth
  More exploration of skin as planes and spheres reacting to the environment, rather than as having underlying machanics. Very good for people who like to build their drawings up from base shapes. Features lots of facial portrait studies.
How to Draw the Human Figure: An Anatomical Approach, by Louise Gordon
  A good beginner's book, and a good intermediary between hard medical anatomy and surface-only books. Has some nice focus on hands and feet, and has a nice look at turn-arounds.

I'll probably make another post with more, when I can think of what else to add.
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Except I'll stop now, because everyone would defriend me after a day or so.

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Sketch and in-progress pencils.


ETA maybe a week?
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I finally got a larger scan of the finished thing.

Just adding it here for archive purposes. )
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I toss around the idea of making a fannish point-and-click adventure game.

And then I draw some stuff for it.

And promptly lose interest.

Oh well. )

*rolls back off to do actual work*
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It still needs to be laminated -- it will be in the mail as soon as it is. I'll get started on your big picture asap. :3
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Main tester.

Maybe I'll get back into it, someday.
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But I make do.


So, taichara, any thoughts?
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So, I'm taking an illustration class, because I needed the units and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Some time in the last week, I injured my right arm and wrist. I'm right-handed. This is a problem, as I had an illustration assignment due this week.

Note: "Had" being the key word. I found out this morning that our teacher has pushed the due date back until next Monday. I stayed up all night working on this damn thing. I'm fairly sure I've further injured my arm to the point that it will take at least another week to heal (driving to class this morning was interesting).

I'm displeased.

I'm displeased that we're told of due date changes at the last minute. I'm displeased that the assignments are never elaborated on, and we end up doing tons of half-starts before the teacher decides we've got something she likes. I'm displeased that this class is eating up my free time. I'm displeased that I'm forgoing working on commissions I owe in order to do this crap.

But, most of all, I'm displeased that we end up rushing through assignments and creating work that is sub-par.


Seriously. I would have LOVED a week to get that right. And if she'd let us know about the extension, I would have HAD a week. Damnit.


Oct. 3rd, 2011 01:06 pm
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First off, still not dead. But certainly feeling the OH GOD WHY pull of school.

Secondly, am slowly (very, very slowly) getting test-sketches done for the final bit of art I owe, to taichara. I have to balance that within what little free time I have, though, so it's moving like molasses. Boo.


I deeply want this poster. I have no idea where I would put it, nor if I can really justify that sort of an expense ATM, but you have no idea of the levels of DO WANT that are currently circulating in my system.

Also, ed may be interested in this badass poster right here. Fuck yeah.

Art: Sent!

Aug. 15th, 2011 03:06 pm
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Squirrel arts is on its way to the home of the squiggly squirrel type people. :3

I'd intended to get it out Friday, but the Poly Print Shop (our on-campus printing press... thing) had, unbeknownst to me, moved their hours around for summer session. As I lack a laminating machine, I must work around their schedule. They were open today, however.

Package should get there by Thursday or Friday.
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[ profile] squigglz! I has finished the squirrel arts!

It still has to be cut and laminated, so it will hopefully get in the mail by Friday. That being said, I will, of course, need a place to send it. :3


Jul. 26th, 2011 09:55 am
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Tried posting this last night and LJ had a fit. We'll see if it works today.

I have finished the pencils and have begun work on inking the squirrel arts. Soon, soon I will be done with it. If only I believe. ~(._.)~

And, I have a midterm next Wednesday. So if I'm not around much (not like I'm around much now, but hey), that's the most likely reason.

Have I mentioned that I hate Chemistry? Because I really, really hate Chemistry. Firey passion kind of hatred, here. Like the flames of a thousand suns. That burn. Burningly.

Also! Voodoo is up for the Summer. The second day back, she promptly made the "failing clutch plate" noise. You know, I'd almost forgotten what it's like to own a car in a permanent state of trying-to-kill-its-owner. I missed the little piece of crap. :3


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