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Jul. 27th, 2017 12:59 pm
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YST has been chewing on my hindbrain for something like a week now, no matter what other things I'm actively poking at.

Maybe I should just give in ...

40-anime meme: Day 15

Jul. 27th, 2017 09:36 am
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15 -- what is your favorite harem anime?

I'm going to blatantly "cheat" here, because 1) the series that should be going here as an answer isn't, since I want it for a different category *lol* 2) what I'm about to name I've only watched animated in bits and snips despite having the whole thing on my drive oops, unlike having the manga snugly on my shelf and having made lolariously terrible attempts at untranslated and barely-translated ROMs back in the mists of fossil time.

That's right, folks, today we're talking about Angelique! Original flavour if you please, not that new cast/reboot/whatever it was that came out a few years ago. I've been scaring up bits of this series about as long as I was stalking Terra e and Earthian, which is to say pretty much as of when I first got off the Rock and discovered life was easier with an internet connection, lol.

Angelique also, alas, was my first encounter with the absolutely creeptastic fanon that can and will get applied to a character no matter how goddamned nonsensical it is. Seriously, Lumiale, you do not deserve that kind of wtfery ...


Jul. 26th, 2017 11:08 am
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The Problem With Mighty No. 9's Game Manuals

I could write commentary on all this, right here, but I won't.

No, no. You need to hit that link and see the jaw-dropping level of LOLWHAT yourself, because there's not a thing I could say or add that would improve on the sheer mind-blowing ahahahahwhat of the reality.

... Well, maybe there is one thing:

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Through the power of the intertubes I snagged a digital copy of Robotech #1 last night at work, because I wanted to read it damnit and the dead tree version is delayed a week because of a distributor gaffe.

So snagged it was (go Google Play go) and I have to say, I liked what I read. Which was a pleasant surprise, let me tell you, because I have a looong history of being ferociously cranky about First Gen for maaaany reasons all of which have been ranted about on here at various times, lol but no, I enjoyed this.

Some observations, positive, not so positive and just kind of neutral:

- Roy being brought to the crash site of Zor's ship/"the Visitor" by someone with a Hayes nameplate is iiiiinteresssstiiiing and I can't help but wonder if that's Lisa's arsehole father.

- We don't see anything else of the exploration, so the Genesis: Robotech story with Roy/Lang/Gloval/Edwards and discovering Zor's recording and etc etc isn't here. But that's okie, because it would probably muddy the waters ... Gloval makes a few mutterings that make me think he Knows Things[tm], though.

- Rick is still a tool, and no one is surprised. He's a tool in trying to get any contact with "big brother", though, which is a little more sympathetic. (kind of.) He also seems a bit older. (good.)

- Minmei -- also seemingly older -- has been given (what can be discerned from a single issue) a personality and behaviour overhaul and therefore I tentatively declare that this may be the first Robotech with a Minmei I didn't want fed slowly to sharks. I do wonder what these changes will cause re: tweakings to her cousin.

- A loooot of characters in this one issue! It might or might not be overload for someone not already familiar, but I think the breakneck "we are being invaded!1!!11" pace helps, weirdly enough. You get the impression that we'll see more when the cast has more time to breathe.

- Important Things Called Out Immediately: include Lisa's rank (Lieutenant Commander), Roy and Claudia's relationship. I approve. Make sure the readers are aware of these things.

- The art's kind of fug in that Scroffy Western Comics 'Realistic' Style[tm], but not unbearable. Roy looks a little weird without the lantern jaw but I'll cope ;3 I really like how they tackled Lisa's hair.

There's probably more, but I've only read the thing once so far; give me a dead tree copy to pore over and I'll have more to say, I'm sure.

But the driving point is that I legitimately enjoyed this, and I want to see what happens in the next issue even though I know Robotech like the back of my hand -- and this, from someone who hasn't had a good thing to say about First Gen anything in something like two decades.

So, yeah. There's a sign, if you want one?

40-anime meme: Day 14

Jul. 26th, 2017 08:18 am
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14 -- what is your favorite action anime?

"Action" is it --?

Saint Seiya.

I mean come on the entire thing revolves around duders with amazing hair and shiny armour who are all superhumanly able to take out and dish out damage tearing the bejeezus out of each other with awesome powers and occasionally their bare hands.

Sometimes for Love And Justice In This World By The Will Of Our Goddess Athena, sometimes because it's a goddamn fighting tournament and that's what you do, yo, (my kingdom for more of the Galaxian Tournament ahahaha), sometimes because fuck that guy.

What's not to love? 83

aside from the disappointing lack of blood splatters in more recent iterations, alas ~

40-anime meme: Day 13

Jul. 25th, 2017 12:00 pm
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13 -- what is your favorite comedy anime?

On a certain level, I would have a much easier time with this if we were talking about manga, not anime.

But on the given level, Bakuretsu Hunters is a thing that exists and it will never not be my platonic ideal of hilarity wrapped up in a very pointed package. And with one hell of a punch at the end for all that. It veers away from the original manga somewhat plot-wise and in some cases very much so characters-wise but it is very much its own thing and I love it. I love it to pieces.

There's also not a single goddamn element in it that wouldn't have modern fandom shrieking for the hills and I think I love it even more because of that fact.

Not the characters.

Not the character designs.

Not the background, nor the setting, nor the special powers (ahahahahahahhahahahaa no), nor the plot. Not a single goddamn thing and I love it so <3

how things get done(?) in my life

Jul. 24th, 2017 04:11 pm
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[personal profile] taichara: oh gawd
[personal profile] eliyes: ?
[personal profile] taichara: I was going to go to bed but the FATAL And Friends goonthread is talking about the old Sailormoon rpg and how terrible it is (and all the other old Guardians of Order terrible fanbook/rpg supplements for BESM, etc) and I wanna read the thread before I snooze
[personal profile] taichara: I also wanna dig out my book lol
[personal profile] eliyes: XD
[personal profile] taichara: and/or hit up ebay and see if I can't find the never-grabbed badwrong Fushigi books. or the other Utena book, I have one actually kicking around. none of them were as comprehensive as the Sailormoon one though, which was a complete rpg in and of itself and not a supplement
[personal profile] taichara: and duuuuuude I can do TERRIBLE THEEEEEENGS with this + Anarchy
[personal profile] taichara: TERRIBLLLLLOOOOO
[personal profile] eliyes: protosammy: *really strong considers a sord in that case!*
[personal profile] taichara: why, protosammie ~? 83
[personal profile] eliyes: protosammie: seems to be the only melee weapon that really shows up?
[personal profile] eliyes: protosammie: ...okay, and there's someone with a whip
[personal profile] taichara: you can change it up some!
[personal profile] taichara: (... oh gawd I could go through and write shadow amps for everything)
[personal profile] eliyes: (DOO EET)
[personal profile] eliyes: somewhere Kythi senses life is about to get sparkly
[personal profile] taichara: moohaha
[personal profile] taichara: so now I'm smashing together Shadowrun, Sailormoon and knowing me probably Gunvolt.
[personal profile] taichara: booya
[personal profile] eliyes: 8D

40-anime meme: Day 12

Jul. 24th, 2017 06:16 am
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12 -- what is your favorite romance anime?

For lack of a concrete definition of a "romance anime" and, for that matter, much of an interest in "romance" in general, for this one I'm going to take the shortest, simplest and easiest route:


I mean granted, as far as members of the cast I'm most fond of go, I'm not overfond of some anime additions as far as ~romance goes (looking right at you, Saphir), but it's still by far the most qualified for this one, I'd say.

Besides it's right in the opening theme: a "miracle romance" ;3~
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Zombie cheerleader says: "Rah rah rust!"

Zombie High motto is: "If we can't win using our brains then we'll use your brains!" ;-)

Context is a Lego cheerleader in a graveyard, among other topics

40-anime meme: Day 11

Jul. 23rd, 2017 06:44 am
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11 -- what is your favorite drama anime?

These categories, honestly ... *sighs* *lol* How are we defining "drama" here, anyway? Does it even matter?

I'm deciding it doesn't matter, regardless, and my choice for this one is:

Terra e.

Because frankly if that's not some classic storytelling wrapped up in a dramatical package I don't know what is. There's a reason this series is still a Thing in Japan -- and had the anime version in question aired in 2007 -- despite being as old as I am.

I do prefer the manga on basically all counts, but that's fine, lol. It's weird to see Blue as long as he's seen, though ;3~

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Jul. 22nd, 2017 11:55 pm
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ROBOTECH #1 Sells Out, Goes to Second Printing

Apparently they were wiped out of copies at SDCC also.


40-anime meme: Day 10

Jul. 22nd, 2017 08:48 am
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And now we hit the genre gauntlet and let's see what I wind up dredging up -- except --

10 -- what is your favorite 'moe' anime?

I don't watch moeblob bullshit and I would rather pour battery acid in my eyes than start, thank you very much.

Robotech -- maybe miracles DO happen?

Jul. 22nd, 2017 01:59 am
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Well, Robotech certainly woke up.

So hot on the heels of the Ghost Fleet Saga clarification/reveal/whatever came the announcement of volume one of a bloody set of art/reference books from Udon. And new merch (most of which I was not and am not interested in -- but I just had six tshirts and a wallscroll arrrive from the Robotech Store so I guess they got me anyway? lol). And of course there's the new comic about to start --

SDCC hit this week and holy crow I think the floodgates are about to burst open. Just off the top of my head:

- well, the comic, of course
- even more merch/toys/collectibles
- a board game and a dice/card game
- the live-action movie has its director and producer set and is supposedly getting fast-tracked

And, possibly most significant in my own opinion, after having been moribund ever since Shadow Chronicles and literally nonexistent except for the shop for at least the last several years the official Robotech site has come back to life.

I wish they'd wiped the old forum content though because I'm petty

The new site is spiffy and shiny and is already packed with character bios and mecha information and a clickable timeline (that I should take a closer look at to see if there's been yet another overhaul, lololol) and ship/mecha size comparisons and etc etc.

But most importantly of all?

When you go into the setting encyclopedia section of the site, Sentinels is right there along with everything else. And it has its share of character bios and suchsort.

I haven't been alive enough to dig out every detail and see just what they have there, but I know the important part immediately. And that important part is that Sentinels is restored to Robotech canonicity.

I am going to die of fucking joy.

Aside from that, of course 99.9% of all this new stuff is for First Gen. But starting at the beginning only makes sense with what they're doing, and who knows, maybe in the face of possible changes and new things altogether (Ghost Fleet Saga!), I can start paying some~ attention to First Gen without too much bitterness.

besides Roy is calling me

I'm going to be really curious as to whether Edwards turns up in the new comic and when and what context, if he does, though ...

40-anime meme: Day 09

Jul. 21st, 2017 09:37 am
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09 -- name an anime character you absolutely hate.

Oh, this one is easy.

Relena Peacecraft.

Why? Because she hits the ground running as a selfish, self-absorbed little brat -- and at no point does this actually change -- whose best moment was mercifully fucking off from the plot for a while so things other than her screaming at Heero to kill Zechs for the "honour" of a fucking family she never knew existed, let alone that she was a part of, scant days earlier, could actually goddamn happen.

That last point is made all the more galling by the fact that Relena does indeed disappear out of fight for entire central multiple sub-arcs of Wing after that last event, during which actual *le gasp!* reasonably believable plot unfolds (the foxing of the colonies into "peace" as controlled by OZ, etc etc) ... and then. And then.

And then the aggravating little piker resurfaces, suddenly and miraculously the head of a resurrected pocket-kingdom, and is a figure revered across~ the globe~ and beyond~

We never see this restoration.

We never see a single god damn reason why Relena is immediately and unconditionally held in such esteem.

We never see one god damn iota of justification for any of this bullshit. We simply have to accept it, because ~*it's Relena Peacecraft*~.

Who then proceeds to derail what was very nearly an excellent political war story, despite its shaky start, because the entire narrative and cast of characters deforms to revolve around her. For no reason. Oh, and she's happy to let men die literally on her border, and she never seems to protect her own populace, etc etc ... but she's somehow perfect and her ideals unchallengeable.

(while I'm at it: since when were these her ideals? we never see anything of the sort come out of her mouth before this! she was too busy stalking Une to revenge-kill the woman, and wanting Zechs dead! I can only conclude Noin brainwashed her off-screen.)

Fuck. That.

40-anime meme: Day 08

Jul. 20th, 2017 08:48 am
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08 -- who is your favorite anime character?

... There sure is a hell of a lot of annoying absolutism in this damn meme.

I don't have one. I'm never going to have one. Hell I can't even choose one favorite character from most series let alone some horse manure like "favorite anime character".


Fafner: Kouyou.

There. There's a favorite character where the screaming hells are my Kouyou icons

peak bachelorhood

Jul. 20th, 2017 08:42 am
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[personal profile] taichara: *flops* I have achieved peak bachelorhood
[personal profile] kalloway: Eating cold pizza in a bathrobe and boxershorts?
[personal profile] kalloway: You, I mean, not the pizza.
[personal profile] taichara: nah
[personal profile] taichara: washing my work shirt in the shower with me
[personal profile] kalloway: I've washed car parts in the shower with me. I can never, ever say anything.
[personal profile] taichara: :D

liseuse will lasso the wild novella

Jul. 20th, 2017 12:30 pm
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I think my bookshelves mostly convey the message "you need more shelves" and "apparently will read anything that stays still long enough."

is "is this a case for - the ponceyness police?"

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[personal profile] owlbrigade1 cites this case in point:

Gotham police are at a loss to explain a sudden rise in animal themed costumed weirdos? Surely the explanation is the same as it is for the long standing animal themed weirdos? It is Gotham, it is what they do. People in animal costumes wreaking havoc is practically a city tradition.

Context, to no one's surprise, involves Harley Quinn.

40-anime meme: Day 07

Jul. 19th, 2017 08:41 am
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07 - have you ever watched an entire anime in one sitting?

Prone as I am to more lengthy series on top of unpredictable and sometimes insane work schedules, this doesn't happen all that often.

That said, I'm pretty sure that [personal profile] kalloway and myself blitzed through all of Star Driver in one go or at the very least in one day, lol ~

Also, Gin'iro no Olynssis was one short one that, iirc, I stuffed into my skull in one long workshift that time.

... what.

Jul. 18th, 2017 04:02 pm
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Kingdom Hearts III has less Disney worlds than Kingdom Hearts II; Final Fantasy VII Remake further along in some areas

"The Toy Story world is set after Toy Story 2. It isn’t a parallel world. Rather, the events of Kindgom Hearts III are part of the Toy Story time axis. (In other words, it is canon.)"

"While it is not shown in the trailer, at the start Sora is mistaken for a character in the latest game to be released in this world."



As neatly summarized by a helpful goon on Something Awful:

"So the Toy Story universe exists within the Kingdom Hearts universe but Kingdom Hearts is a game in the Toy Story universe. And it's also canon.

Ok Nomura"

(_ )_


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